Letter to You … Greta

I watched you from far in Katowice, and when you said “… since our leaders are behaving like children we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago…”, I knew, that you need a new system to achieve your / the youth’s task, and I felt your words as the order to donate the Ethicracy to you and all children in this world – the first true democracy, with respect for the sciences, the nature’s laws.

I had designed the Ethicracy already since around one decade, rooted a half century ago, and after your speech in Katowice there were only some checks and finishings necessary during the following year. We checked it over and over, by much feedback and many critics from others, and since nearly one year no appreciable problems could be found any longer, which I couldn’t solve integrated and consistently in some minutes to hours. And no gaps could be found as well. I tried to bring it into a typical scientific form, but – as a friend said – it would have lasted 2-3 years with the result of an interdisciplinary postdoctoral lecture qualification of around 1200 pages with hundreds of diagrams and >500 individually commented links … lasting too long to give climate rescue a chance. So I am assembling the essentials to this website (draft) for your asperger’s (→ me too) eyes – friends help(ed) me to explain some aspects to the public, more generally understandable also for non-autists – my own first try for a start page was here.
The Ethicracy can only be understood as a whole and in depth, if one can feel and/or deep imagine our neurobiological roots, the motivations, drives, intentions, force vectors and actions of our three major evolutionary brain subsystems, especially the reptilian and the mammalian brain (part(s)).
I don’t point at the modern technical neurological/anatomic layer, at least only roughly.
My point of view is the →systemic/→functional one, starting from the moment, when the mammal-typical empathy has been created by evolution, to be able to feel pain and imagine/react to those of others, thus to care for the children, the partner, the community, the species … in harm reducing solicitousness and cooperation.
Without empathy the mammal could never have had existed.
But our reptilian brain (part) yet exists, and it is as active as before, good to survive – the empathy just modulates and/or covers it, tames it.
In the context of danger and/or survival needs, also the reptilian brain is still necessary, more active and helpful.
The third major one of our brain subsystems I call cognitum (roughly neocortex), the consciousness/awareness, which developed later, culminating in the primates – planning, weighting, prudent decisions, free will, intellectual educationability, adaptiveness, detailing, symbolizing, categorizing, asking – working for both primordial subsystems, sometimes conflicting … but at any rate, the conscious is only the whitecappies on top of the ocean of the unconscious.
Sometimes I call the cognitum being the exculpator for the unconscious *grin*
Back to the primordial division between the reptilian and the mammalian function set:
When I said – already as a child – “Two souls are dwelling in my breast”, I felt/meant exactly this division, as I know meanwhile.
It’s the eternal battle between good and evil inside and outside of every cognitive mammal, between the light and the dark side of the power, between Gryffindor and Slytherin, between love and hate, between union and ego, between solicitousness and exploitation …
Next concept step: The Ethicracy names the entirety of the reptilian function set as psychopathy.
This is compliant with the primordial meaning of this word during the development of the psychiatry – all classic and newer, often changed diagnosis criteria for psychopathy are united by one (mostly undisclosed, implicit) attribute, namely the lack of empathy: unscrupulousness, greed, fearlessness, indolence, risk willingness, trickyness/falseness, cruelty, growth/mightyness gain, exploitation, … btw, reptiles grow their whole life long, where mammals maturate, biologically necessary as well.
Ok, let’s go on with the cognitive fulfillments of psychopathy and empathy: fascistoidy and ethics.
Ethics is a widely-used term, used already by the old greeks as well as by modern philosophers and religions.
But there was and is a giant discussion about what ethics means exactly, how it can be demarcated and more questions, most of them deriving from the incorrect mixing of ethics and moral. And they all never took the underlying typical empathy of the mammal beings into explicit account – because of enstrangement, overintellectualizing, anthropocentric hybris, suppression of the fact, that we are yet animals, mainly controlled by our endocrinology.
More than 95% of all discussions about ethics and it’s delimitations would be obsolete, if people would allow themselves this direct association, measuring not happyness/satisfaction – which is a thing-oriented temporary illusion – but harm, it’s production/growth versus it’s reduction/diminution.

For me and the Ethicracy ethics is the cognitive fulfillment of empathy, being aware of our mammalian existence.
And for me and the Ethicracy the explicit ethical primary action maxim is harm reduction.
This is compliant with the buddhistic view, which defines felicity as reduced harm, where total absence of harm means nirwana, the “nothing”, the “void”.
And it is compliant with the cosmological view, which defines stability as the absence of stress, where total absence of stress means rest.
The preamble of the constitution of the Ethicracy – it’s ethical categorical imperativesays:
As a being capable of ethics, the human being is obliged
to keep the harm of it’s fellow beings as low as possible
and to consider this preventively
Back to psychopathy/empathy: A mammal’s base grade of strength of psychopathy is more determined by biological/endocrinological parameters, somehow automated, while the base grade of strength of empathy is predominantly a result of social training, not inevitably hard-coded. Mammals maturate and then guide their children, by teaching, training and/or giving example, while/until those maturate in turn.
The sum effect regarding psychopathy and empathy we can measure on a psychopathy-empathy scale, let’s use an empathy scale from 0 (max. psychopathy, min. empathy) to 100 (min. psychopathy, max. empathy) … or the inverse scale, if focusing on psychopathy – the more psychopathic a mammal is, the more it is a danger for it’s fellow beings, it is ethical to keep an eye on it, the preambel of the Ethicracy’s constitution orders it.
The respective current grade on the scale changes with time and circumstances around a person’s specific base grade.
Empathy can be trained. The cognitum is a brilliant tool for inner self-energizing, feedback-loop. The neuroplasticity of the brain – especially the mammalian brain allows it. This is a long term change.
One of the most important mechanisms of changing the current grade immediately is the upcoming of fear/anxiousness, by real or imaginary threats. The emotion of fear/anxiousness (stress/harm) leads to compensation by deactivating the mammalian brain and activating the reptilian brain. This is highly dynamic and reversible/temporary.
[You can watch this effect at the “covidiots” who fear for their ego-freedom, the conspiracy tellers, the xenophobic fascists, the vaccination phobics, the workers (fearing punishment and/or dismissal), the businessmen class ideologists and the political professionals (both being anxious to lose their mightyness and ability of enrichment) …] [Btw, it helps to differentiate explicitely between “fear” (of conscious/known threats) and “anxiousness” (of unconsciously felt or simply suspected threats) – “anxiousness” is much stronger and produces symptoms of paranoia]
[Just to understand for the following: If I use the nouns “psychopath” and/or “empath” I always mean that the particular attribute is the stronger one in the respective person on a relative high base grade, I never mention a drawer, I never adress the middle range and I never adress the only temporarily high-graded ones with those words]
Keep in mind, that with same grades of psychopathy and empathy nearly always the psychopathy “wins”, if fighting.
Psychopaths are more willing to approach and exceed limits, crossing empathic/legal borders, fearless, risky, unscroupulous, ready to lie and manipulate.
Empaths are careful, planning, keeping away from the limits, more fair, ready to say the truth, projecting this faithfully …
[btw, always be careful not to be a sucker for narcissists and/or psychopaths, this is a very typical disability of autists, we are too trustful (me too)] So psychopathy is much more efficient than empathy [which becomes extremly relevant in the so called “democracy”, in any hierarchical voting/promoting power system, see force/weight diagrams].
I call this the psychopathic stimulus-/ incentive-/ intention-/concretion-/ realization-/ compression-/ escalation-…-force vector – in general this force vector is stronger/more efficient than the same-graded empathic one, the vector sum is yet significantly psychopathic.
Back to the evolutionary roots: I’m yet talking from the view of our early ancestors, please take it statistical and systemic, not as a gender valuation:
In average the females are a bit more empathic/ethical, because they – caring for the children – need more empathy and experience it deeper, have to train it – while the males are more often called to protect, to fight against outer threats and/or to hunt for food, where empathy hinders, psychopathy helps.
So the males have to switch, depending on looking outward to the threats and/or preys … or inward, into the family/ tribe/ community/ species.
If their empathy is little trained, they dominate the community by their more reptile-like unscrupulous aggression, the consquence is rather a patriarchy. If their empathy is well-trained, they let it dominate their measures and behavior, the consequence is rather a matriarchy. Those two possible paths can be well-observed comparing chimpanzees and bonobos.  I guess, humans are between them by nature, but of course our strong cognitum gives us the ability to decide … to train or not to train empathy. Even humans, who are relative psychopathic by their base level, can behave careful by the cognitive measure of fairness, conscious/intellectual value setting, think about the ethical categorical imperative again. And think about the fact, that also females can be reptilian brain dominated –  extreme example: at the chimpanzees sometimes females kill concurrent females and/or their children. [What cars are for modern males, that’s fashion for modern females – somehow characteristical, that the CO2-/harm-production of both is of equal dimensions.] But – as I said before – in generally there is a statistically clear overhang of empathy in females.
Mostly in matriarchic communities, but generally in all natural communities each individual is supported and supplied, equal if it is productive or not – even necessary with children, the old community members and the sick ones. Those, who are simply not willing to work for the community, get food only at a low level, no luxury, but avoiding hunger and/or neglect too. To neglect a tribe member would weaken the tribe as a whole. If the unproductive person plays the flute nice after dinner (reducing harm of others), he/she gets a bit of additional comfort as well. If people are unproductive because they learn for the future, they are even well-supported. Normally ⅓-⅔ of a population is enough to supply everyone, of course depending on the ecological context: communication, food, clothing, dwelling, health care, transport.
And everything works without any money – the stimulus to work for the community is – beside the potential empathic/ethical responsibility – the harm compensating higher material (food, clothing, rooming, decoration) and mental (honor, trust) comfort.
This is a stable system, as long as there are outer threats and no community massing.
But then the neolithic revolution came (20.000-10.000 years ago), and except of the mammalian turn to more plant food nearly everything went wrong, became reptilian brain dominated, patriarchic …
The neolithic revolution time was the primordial time of enstrangement: weapons and tools, outer threat loss, massing, settledness, urbanization.
The trigger must have been a dual one:
– the mammal-oriented desire and demand for security against outer threats and growing threats by other humans
– and the reptile-oriented desire and demand for gorging and growing and becoming mightier and mightier.
The people’s reptile brain became more active and started to use the cognitum to build up rectangular fences, borders against outer threats and those by neighbours, and to create laws to protect the property/ownership structure, fascistoid/ enstranged/ inequitable/ violent from the beginning.
Title-ownership of land, water, resources, real estates, living beings (plants, animals including humans), human working communities and their capital equipment – deeply enstranged and unethical.  [owning a guitar – which is a part of the own personality – is neither enstranged nor unethical, it means ownership of a personal/human quality]
This is the origin of the capitalistic structure, the psychopathic setting the course (thus the fulcrum to switch into the Ethicracy now), where the course is until now focussed at material having and growing instead of executive being and maturing – object versus process, capital/might versus living/loving, exploitation versus balancing, reptile versus mammal.
The first enforcement by ownership was to use the water “rights” to blackmail and exploit the neighbours instead of helping to supply the community.
In ancient times the money was added, as a “neutral” abstraction of ownership/material power, but at those times the already builtin growth paradigm was more implicit than nowadays, and limited by artificially value-given resources like gold.
Later on, in the time of the Medici and the Fuggers the growth and exploitation paradigm was materialized by non-resource credit-/ book-/ deposit-/ bank-/ fiduciary-/ cheque-/ fiat-money with interest and interest on interest, most times created by credit, thus as a blackmailing, enforcement and exploitation medium with value creation from nothing or from debt, pain and suffering, backed by title-ownership … any working efforts are lost over the lifetime of the money [the gross national product contains services though, but treats them as one-time-produced things with a lifetime of zero … and also destruction is included as a positive value].  Institutionalization and bilancing laws came along, convenient.
The first big concern arose the Hanse: globalization, colonization, dislocal exploitation … and the private-arbitrary pricing for the non-personal mass market – a turn away from organic quality competition – began, being the instrument of exploitation maximization. [Additional note: the gigantic woodcutting for the Hanse ships created the Lüneburger Heide, a very poor (of plants and animals) karst landscape, which has become a nature protection area nowadays – pervert in my eyes].
The whole thing is extremely psychopathic/ reptilian brain dominated and contra-ethical, but most people are used to it and don’t really recognize the psychopathic base structure.  The focus was finally aimed at competition between the capitalists, not a bit any longer at supply of the people, as it should be in a mammal community.
The middle ages were the beginning of the mercantile- and financial-capitalistic economy and it’s psychopathic businessmen-class.
Now to the modern times:
I think, I don’t need to explain the patterns of the industrial revolution in detail … you are an aspie pattern recognizer as well, and I already gave you all information to be able to recognize the subjacent force vectors, effects and consequences now as clearly as possible, tracing back to our brain parts and their intentions, the base dichotomy between reptile and mammal.
Yet more dominance of psychopathic ownership force, especially by capital equipment and earth-exploitative energy production.
Yet more enforcement to work for money anywhere (also harm producing), stimulating psychopathy in turn, the mass of people becoming sidekick to and cannon fodder for the world economy war generals, their income skimmed by the same world economy war generals.
Yet more fixing of the growth compulsion, every shrinking meaning the death of the competing company.
The american settlement was a mirror of the time since the neolithic revolution, a rush into the turbo capitalism.
Wild West was an extremely psychopathic scenery … destruction of the unenstranged cultures by firearms, firewater and religious hellfire, all fascistic .. many fascisms also between the settlers. The “Land of unlimited possibilities” … to shoot, to exploit, to suppress others stimulation to become a sidekick [I guess you know about the Stockholm syndrome] of the system and argumentation aid to blame the losers themselves for losing.
The US-“democracy” is a mirror: see below.
The northamerican prey economy fascism/imperialism later came back to Europe, after WW II, with the Marshall Plan. The Germans were corrupted by participation in the worldwide exploitation, being sidekicks with much comfort. Reptile-like behavior again, on the shoulders of exploited people otherwhere in the world, but mentally repressed, used to it from the colonization times.
Some words concerning revolutions (please do not understand that as “bloody” and/or “violent” here) – extremely relevant for the Ethicracy:
Every system, which was better than it’s predecessors, was unthought first, then became an utopy, mostly ridiculed at first.
The revolutions to install those systems were also unthought first, and were half a year before yet not in sight.
But there were always two big problems: the reptile-like sanguinariness during the revolution itself, and the psychopathic concretion/realization force vector, which led e.g.  to the Jakobins after the french and to Stalin after the russian revolution.
Even at absolutely peaceful revolutions without sanguinariness the latter happened: the corruption/pollution of the empathic early christianity by psychopathic-capitalistic-fascistic force structures by the delusional (epilepsy attack) tax collector Saulus/Paulus – patriarchalic, fascistoid, manipulative, egomaniacal-autocratic, power-obsessed – fits into the whole picture  … and explains the whole development of the so-called Christianity – Jesus Christ would rotate in his grave (about this abuse of his name), if he would have stayed in it
Both problems (during and after “revolution”/”system replacement”), are solved by the Ethicracy: the leading force is the taming force of innocent – non-violence-corrupted – mammalian children … and the weighting of votes [bad english word in this concern, integer, 0/1 – better word in German “Stimme”, analogue, floating amplitude – “suffrage” may be best (as substantive), but I use “vote” for now, because it has a verb form] … the weighting by ethical maturity guarantees an empathic stimulus/concretion/realization force vector, where additionally the stimulus force vector is identical with the educativity of the Ethicracy.
This is the switching of the base force vector and can be done by/during/with a constituent assembly.
[This is a known “institution”, meta-law, can also change the philosophical base – will be first time before breakdown of an old system]
Some short words about the so-called “democracy” – you may stumble on the “democracy” narrative, which says, that it’s the best thinkable and most peaceful system ever and has to be strenghtened, safeguarded and protected … but that’s not true.
Every “…cracy” is defined by the sovereign, the independant instance which makes the laws, the legislative.
So NO parliamentary legislative – least of all a party system – has any right to call itself “democracy”.
The old attic democracy was a true democracy: although only the male establishment was defined as “the people”, it were not political professionals, who made the laws, but “people”/ normal citizens themselves, free of party bindings.
But that’s not true with our old system, in the sense of constitutional law you could call the old system an “economy-fascistic lobbyparty-klasmacracy”, where “klasma” (Greek) is the parties’ parliamentary fraction.  See also →”Democracy and Hegelianism”.
On the way up through the voting layers [and the advancement layers in business] the psychopathic force vector leads to a heavy psychopathic level average at the top of the power hierarchies – see force/weight diagrams again.
[Btw, the system tries to put the fascists and the left-wingers into one drawer, labelled as “bad guys”, thus discriminating the left-wingers, suppressing, that the fascists criticize the (few) ethical/empathic parameters and behaviors of the system, while the left-wingers criticize the (many) unethical/psychopathic parameters and behaviors of the system]
To admit: The psychopathic force vector would be the stronger one already at a direct voting in fact people shouldn’t be allowed to vote [!with equal vote weight!] for or against laws directly also in the Ethicracy, based on the ethical categorical imperative – else in average egoisms would win, the psychopathic force vector again (→ Swiss plebiscite). A dilemma in the past, sure, but nevertheless the current system is not a democracy, not desirable … and it can’t handle this problem ethically. 
People think, it’s a democracy, because they have been manipulated, lied at since generations, Trump-like, Goebbels-like [he said: “You just have to repeat a lie enough times and it will be believed”] to suppress any fundamental critics and to keep people peaceable, under control.
[Btw, the structure of my discussions with “democrats” today is identical with the structure of my discussions with fanatic sectarian christians in my youth] And now most people themselves say, there is no better system known than this old one.
They are wrong in both concerns: there is a better system in sight, even a true democracy, even the violence-, the psychopathic-force-vector-problem solved, the Ethicracy.
You know yourself, that the old system can’t be fixed – no try to screw the screws at the covering helps against the core reptilian spirit.
Neutralizing all daily new symptoms of the builtin root paradigm of “infinite growth by creation of harm” is an infinite task itself.
[emotional: many times per day, every day, my real tears flow, often sobbing, when I read a post about the fights of those, who fight for the climate, nature and generally a better world. How much energy and time – which we need and should use for climate rescue – is lost for the fight against the psychopathic force vector, how much unnecessary, absurd pain is created there, with much too few effect, frittering … Every single problem would never be one in the Ethicracy, because every partial goal is already included as a direct consequence of the ethical categoric imperative. All those brave people could do their good work at their best, without any fighting, in realistic hope, as quickly, as nature’s laws allow it. Can you imagine, how it hurts, burdens and stresses me to watch and feel the actual and future suffering while knowing the solution, not understood even by the climate fighters themselves?  I guess, you can, nearly similar, you are Greta]
No system itself will switch off its primary force vector and thereby deny its own existence.
So every “system change” is obsolete, the “system break” is logically mandatory and necessary.
Horrifyingly, at the moment, the psychopathic forces in the people grow quickly … in Germany it looks like 1932, many parallel patterns. Anxiousness does it, being anxious of not be able to survive inside of this system’s society, the fear of Corona and the mostly suppressed, but already present climate catastrophe … and people feel, that they are exploited, but can’t allow themselves to recognize the primordial culprit the system itself of which they are the hostages, used to ownership and money, depending on it, not reflecting but anxious.
During 2021 the chance for a peace- and successful system break for climate will be lost to zero – taking all physical, technical, political, sociopsychological [e.g. increasing strength of (also economy-) fascisms and corona consequences] and time frame parameters (e.g. latency of worldwide implementation [est. 2 yrs until China and the Islam belt people join] and time to build up the “drawdown” infrastructure) into account – look at →figures and notice the terms, compare both views at the hothouse earth.
And the chance to rescue the climates (the physical, the ecological and the human’s world’s ones) will be around 30%, if the revolution for climate/ the “constituent assembly” will happen at Pentecoast 2021, around 15% on break at Christmas 2021, around 5% on break at Easter 2022 … this is my estimation, taking all patterns into account which I know.  See also →climate crisis
The initializing country has to be Germany, for many reasons, I can explain later.
Attention: Pentecoast 2021 would be the best date ever (and the only left possible one from my point of [here mainly sociopsychological] pattern recognizing view) (btw with a deep psychological impact to many people concerning the “pouring forth of the Holy Spirit”) – enough time, three days to explain everything to the people through the media – with the ethicratic, inescapable, non-ignorable gigantic goodie “wellcare economy”.
We can get it, if we really wish to, a concerted action during March/April by many scientists and other reputable people – four weeks should be enough for the preparation of the most important, if we treat it as a crisis with priority 1. There are no practical constraints other than by the forces of nature laws. The Ethicracy is amazingly simple, because there are no Hegelian dodges necessary, no cover-ups of the evil – straight and unenstranged, completely “Glasnost” and natural, nature’s laws based. The Ethical Categorical Imperative implies everything else to be done consistently with the mammal existence:
harm prevention, compensation and reduction.
Levering the basic switch into direction mammal-function’s dominance.


The Ethicracy


The Seed

The primary and strongest force ever and everywhere, the force of life itself

 The Children 

The vector of this force points to Empathy-Ethics

!! The Children order all human beings to do their best possible !!
to prevent, compensate and reduce harm,
to minimize overall harm for each individual,
for the community and nature in its entirety,
therefor to tame and educate each to empathy

! This generates the Ethical Categorical Imperative !

The Root

The preamble of the constitution of the Ethicracy

As a being capable of ethics, the human being is obliged
to keep the harm of it’s fellow beings as low as possible
and to consider this preventively

Matters to leave behind

  • Violent enstrangement forces in general
  • Enstranged Ownership — violent creation + further violence potential
    (including territories and material growth rivalry)
  • Money — enstranged/violent creation + further harm/violence creation potential
    (material-valuing, transferrable, cumulatable, mightyness producing)
  • Government — steady harm/violence creation potential
    (including forces by hegelian measures, parties and/or parlamentarians)
    (including administrational regionalizing other than by geography/language/culture)
  • Hegelian Law System — not preventing, not compensating and not reducing harm
    (tolerating/respecting/strengthening psychopathy, punishment = harm production)
The Trunk


  • equal ranking of psychical und physical harm
  • unconditional “cost”-free wellcare safety for all people, subsidiarity principle with worldwide deficit compensation
  • freedom from enstranged borders, dominion, mightyness- and profit-attempts, labour- and growth-forces.
  • taming, harm-compensating, preventive law including safeguarding
  • ethical (of course now direct/true) democratic legislative
  • respect for and execution of the laws of nature
  • benevolent stewardship (administration) by the community
    (actually superfluous, results from everything else, but is the most prominent symptom in everyday life, therefor explicitly mentioned here)
The Branches

Structures to be created

  • community stewardship
  • empathic-ethical legal system
    preventing, taming, victim-harm compensating by the community,
    offender-victim harm-compensating, educating – thus preventing in turn
  • well care for each human being and for all other living beings depending on human forces
  • harm compensation medium = “Comp” (compensation potential) – Unit: “Com(s)” – Symbol: Ω (prelim.)
    • characteristic: energy-/harm-based – no “costs” for “matter”.
    • characteristic: personal and/or life space harm compensating, limited personal charge
      limit-overflow and/or non-use of weekly potential goes to seniority-comfort-keeping (conserving-economizing)
      (⇒ community controlled modulation of comp mappings)
    • function: personal harm compensation/ prevention/ reduction, decoupled, no dependency forces
    • function: demand for/ offer of work incentive by distress/harm compensation offer
      (⇒ work harm compensation on the job)
    • function: life space harm prevention, incentive/disincentive
  • people’s [direct, delegatable] democracy – “Communitive” – legislative for the community context
    • harm prevention by taming psychopathy by voting weighted by personal ethical maturity factor
      incentive to develop/train/learn empathy-ethics
    • public ethics council (parliament) consisting of the most weighty delegates
      discourse and veto potential in all concerns
  • scientist’s [direct, delegatable] democracy: “Scientive” – legislative for the life space / nature context
    • scientists-internal: same voting technique, but weighted by personal competence factor
      (expresses the dictate of nature’s laws) – competence factor ≈ academic grade/reputation, topic-specific
    • scientists-internal public ethics council (parliament) consisting of the most ethically-weighty delegates
      discourse and veto potential – decisions of the Scientive can be additionally vetoed by the people’s ethics council
  • care for best possible freedom from anxiousness concerning
    • all/every other human being(s) ⇒ recognition of the harm creation potential of every community member
    • the future ⇒ climate triple rescue (physical, ecological, social)
      according to mammalian species’ needs, dependency (of nature’s laws) based
      ⇒ “obligation” of the ethical categorical imperative (circle closed)

There is not any longer enough time to explain (or translate) the twigs and leafs fully (horrible for my perfectionism) – please look at the (below) linked pages, try to use the language setting button “English” (sadly often the pages are not yet translated) and use translator, if necessary.  Everything else (twigs and leafs) can be derived logically and unique from the “base engine” I showed above, and I am always ready to answer any of your possible questions.

The wellcare economy gives us a perfect base of being secure in our needs, with no “costs”, with a comfort for everyone acceptable, never dependent on anyone else or one self’s behaviour – the extras and the climate-relevant parameters are easily controllable, equitable/fair. I was able to solve every detail problem (which arose by critics and examples) quickly, fine-tuned, refinable, builtin-optimizable, fault-tolerant – this is also valid for the voting-system.  Even the birth-control problem can be solved easily – in the current system it’s unethical to offer an incentive for birth reduction, because people may feel forced to sell their child-producing ability for survival, never a problem in the Ethicracy (will work like the fine-tuned smoothe reduction of the incidence-value of Covid in Germany), using “personal genetic extinction harm compensation” as incentive.
If thinking about wellcare-/ harm-compensation- and/or incentive-/disincentive-problems, always keep in mind the “non-value“-, “non-transfer“-/”non-coupling“, “non-blackmailability“-, “non-inflationaryness“- and “non-exploitation“-characteristic of the comp.
I found the most impressive example in “second-hand”-transfer – the contributor gets a compensation, and the receiver gets a compensation as well, if he replaces a budgeted possible new piece by a used one … and needs only few coms (possibly even less than the contributor gets), if he “buys” it as an extra.  This is completely impossible in the old system structure, but easy with the comp, which doesn’t take away any comp from any other beings. Bargain between persons is also always possible, but competary always single-person-relating modulated by the community, according to charge-(“richness”)-limitations.
And I already thought about the handling of the media in respect of the constituent assembly.
Also the bootstrap of the new system is detailed thought about, realistic, vital.
Also the intermediate transitional regulations regarding the legacy system environment (economy/money) – while other countries have not yet joined – are taken into account, but need yet to be discussed with e.g. Maja Göpel.
There are enough resources, human working power and technical knowledge to get even the necessary drawdown initiated and built up afterwards.

And I already know how to proceed to come to the Constituent Assembly in the remaining 4-5 weeks.
you are the key to it, you are the only person in the world, who can attain it, we just simply need to talk about it.
Sorry to be the summoner of this additional burden on your shoulders – but you can achieve the world’s rescue – I’m sure.
I’m only the completor, the tool builder, the old one with experience and longtime learning, but yet able to look into a better new world.
You are and gave me the spirit, please do the last step and prioritize it for all using your reputation.
Simply open the attention-, recommendation- and timepressure-doors/-hurdles – let’s talk about it …
If not you (and we together) right now … who else and when else …

Everybody, who stands against the Ethicracy, shows his psychopathy